Due to an unparalleled commitment to customer service, many satisfied clients have submitted letters of thanks and some greatly appreciated reviews. If you would be interested in receiving a variety of letters of recommendation please e-mail that request today so they can be sent over. Thanks again and if you have any other requests for information regarding buying or selling be sure to visit the request information section.

"As I Sit in My Chair"

by Providence Vargas Ponomaroff


As I sit in my chair In my living room, Looking out my window and door,I see beautiful green trees, Hear the birds singing, The chimes on my inviting porch chime. On Sundays I get church bells ringing. There are ice cream trucks, various types. There are "entrepeneurs" who sell Raspadas and elote. Family gatherings. Grandchildren playing in the yard. All this and much more because you Believed in me. I thank you for this, not just today on this piece of paper, but regularly in my prayers.As I sit in my chair!



Liz Gonzales, Walnut

"My experience with Lydia was one tht was quite positive. She was extremely professional and very responsive to my needs. I look forward to working with her again".

Cynthia Bailey

Lydia  has been our family's real estate agent for over 12 years.  She helped us find and get into our first home in 1988.  After our family grew and grew, I called her again and said "I need a bigger house!"  I told her where we wanted to live, our price range, how many rooms, etc., and ta-da-she found it.  Now, this house was way above our financial limits and she said "do you want this one?" and we said "Yes!"  and then TA-DA!  She talked the owner into a price we could afford and we bought our 2nd new house.

She also researched the market for us when it came time to sell our first house and advised us to keep it as a rental (so as to not lose money)  She managed this propoerty for us for over 5 years.  All without a hitch.  When it came time to sell, she got us the best possible price for it and we were very happy with that sale.
Finally and most recently, I gave her a call and said we needed to speak to someone about refiancing our current home.  I was hoping for a referral and what do you know? ta-da-she handled it herself!  We were soooo pleased with the end results.  We told her that we needed to have so much money out of it and she "got it done"  AGAIN! Needless to say, I have never had a problem referring her to my friend and family.  I reallly trust her and her professional judgments. 

Lydia has been a great asset to me and my family and do wholeheartedly recommend her to any person and family looking to buy, sell or re-fianance real estate property.

Bea Gallego

On behalf of my family, and myself, my thanks go to Lydia Santa Cruz for the outstanding job she did with regard to both the sale of my home, and the purchase of my new home.  Her knowledge of the business, immediate response to my numerous questions and requests, and her unwavering “can do” attitude made both transactions painless.  Because she was so knowledgeable, conscientious, and caring, I was confident with decisions I made throughout the whole process.  I would gladly, and without reservation, recommend her to family and friends…that says it all. 

Oscar W. Ramirez - Diamond Bar, Ca

Thanks to Lydia, I've found the perfect place for me.  For a single man, she found the perfect two bedroom condo for me.  Great neighborhood, easy access to the freeways, and a great deal, that she walked me though step by step.  Thanks again Lydia for all of your help!!!

Rob and Bonnie Rodriguez.

Dear Lydia

 2006 was a huge year for us! We not only had eight months to plan a wedding but also had 2 homes to sell and a third home to purchase all in the same year. When the time came to decide which agent we could entrust with what seemed like an insurmountable task, we thought of you. You were the selling agent for one of our homes when it was bought in 1986 and were a neighbor and ultimately, a friend. It was important to have an agent who was professional, conscientious, and knowledgeable because of what we had to accomplish in such a short amount of time. It was an added benefit that you know the area not only as an agent but also as a resident.

 In the spring, we presented you with our first house to sell. With your professional guidance and an established list of clients to call upon, you were able to sell the house quickly with a short escrow.

 In the summer, we were fortunate to the home of our dreams to purchase. Our new house was not going to be completed until the end of the year. Our plan was to pout the second house up for sale in October and hope that we could sell lit and close escrow at the same time that our new home would be ready to move into. It wasn’t until November that we put the house on the market with the added pressure of the holiday season, as well as an earlier move-in date than we anticipated. You remained positive and hopeful that we could potentially sell the house and close escrow in time, allaying our fear that we may have to indefinitely pay two mortgages.

 Once again with your professional expertise, we were able to sell the house quickly and at a fair price. We will always remember getting your phone call on Christmas night when you gave us the news of our first and what would be our only offer. It was the best present we could have received! The 21 day close  worked our perfectly as it allowed us to transition right out of our house and into our new home Thank you for everything you’ve done for us! You had a big role in helping make our dreams a reality!

We would not hesitate to call upon you again should we ever need to buy or sell a home and we would gladly recommend you to friends and family should they be in need of as reliable and efficient agent.

Rob and Bonnie Rodriguez.
Feb 13, 2007
Corona, CA 92880


Dear Lydia Santa Cruz,

 Thank you for your expert services in your field of realty.

As a seller, I was impressed with your ability to light a fire under my former husband, encouraging him and suggesting upgrades to him to make the house a better

home for the buyer.   You were able to get him to paint both the outside and inside of the home, install new carpeting and flooring in the kitchen and bathrooms, and quite a few other necessary repairs and fixes.    Knowing the tendency of my lesser half to let the house slide, (and I mean that literally), you performed a rainbow of miracles. 

 When we thought the sale of the home was going to fall apart, because paperwork was not in to the buyers lender, you persevered with the buyer to make it happen, even if it was nearly a month later than the original close of escrow.  And when the escrow closed and my lesser half's lien was not paid as scheduled, you went the extra mile to ensure that, hopefully, no long-term harmful effects occurred. 

 I am so very grateful that the lawyers chose you to perform this service for us, and I have, and will continue, to sing your praises.  Hopefully the funds will not be tied up too long at the lawyers, and you will be able to assist me in finding my own dream home!

 With profound gratitude,

 B. L S.

Testimony Of Our Experience In Buying Home

From: Chee Woon
To: lydia Santa
Cc: charles
Sent: Thu, June 2, 2011 11:43:54 PM

My name is Richard, my wife is Dianne, and our son who is a local representative, Charles.
 When we first decided to buy a single family home, in January, 2011. 1st agent was engaged. He showed us the standard sale unit. For short sale and auction unit, the agent won't do and unwilling to negotiable with bank for good price. Then we decided to engaged 2nd agent, also commited this arrangements  and refuse to submit offer to listing agent that she felt low and would not do.  For unknown reasons,  they were not offered their opinions and advices to us. Unfruitful for one month in CA, we had to fly back to Malaysia in February, 2011.
From the e-mail we sent and received, the reports were very negative and pessimistic about
the units we like to particpate and interested.  Finally, we come across Lydia, 21 Century Masters.
She had agreed to become our agent. She advised us, showed my son, Charles  the homes . As we were the first time buyer, on how much the single family worth. Then through my son's report, we revised our offers based on the units chosen. At least, we submitted our offer through proper documents, to listing agents and banks.
Everyday 2 days, we and Lydia were exchanged mails, sometimes through skype. Finally, there was an accepted offer from the Fannie Mae on May 24, must be closed on May 30, 2011. Worst thing, we only have 4 to 5 days to close escrow. Weekend fell on May 28 , 29 and 30 was Memorial Day, a public holiday.
Lydia has to work early in the morning and late at night to accomplish this difficuilt and not impossible task.  Worst thing, we are in Malaysia, 18 hours difference between Los Angeles and Malaysia. So, sometimes,  we slept and Lydia was working .Charles would keep us informed. Of course, during this torture timeline of 5 days, e-mails  and teleconference were continuosly for documents and signatures were required  to and flow.
Credit must go to Lydia and Charles, for making this possible. And this is the first time, she finished the task at the short notice. Dianne and I wish to express our deepest appreciation for the carrying out the assignment with excellent result.  If I will buy another house, Lydia will be my agent again!!!!   Keep up the good work!!!!

Scott Bentley

Scott hired you as a Real Estate Agent in 2010
Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative
“She is bursting with energy and is on fire in todays market. Knows her business. I am a real estate professional in the Lending side, and I have known Lydia's work as an associate and business partner as well. I have selected her to represent me and move me off the dime.” August 31, 2010

Scott Bentley

Sr. Loan Officer, Century Plaza Mortgage (colleague) worked with you.
“I have worked with and around Lydia Santa Cruz for more than 10 years. She has always represented her clients interests and performed her duties to the highest standards of performance and ethics. I do not hesitate to recommend her services to anyone seeking competent and inspired representation in the field of Real Estate.” May 15, 2010

Larry Christian (client)

Larry hired you as a Title Company in 1985
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
“I have know Lydia for over 20 plus years and she has always impressed me as a real estate professional. She keeps up her education in the areas of Real Estate and Sales. I would have no fear of referring her to anyone buying or selling real estate today.. I know who ever I recommend her to will be in trusted hands. We need more Lydia's around.” October 6, 2009

Jurgen Maerz (client)

Jurgen hired you as a Real Estate Agent in 2010
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
“When I needed to sell my home recently, Lydia provided friendly, professional and superior service. The transaction was friendly, efficient and got me the price I wanted in a difficult market. We sold our home in less than a week. I can highly recommend Lydia to anyone wanting to sell real estate. Jurgen and Sydney Maerz” February 16, 2011

Brian Don Levy

Owner, Collaborative Law & Mediation Office of Brian Don Levy (business partner)
was with another company when working with you
“I have had the pleasure of working with Lydia on 10 different client matters. Lydia brings integrity, commitment, skill and knowledge to my clientele, who have chosen collaborative practice or mediation to resolve their disputes respectfully. Lydia has gone the extra mile by working on the weekends, and I trust her work product and her work ethics. I value the fact that when Lydia makes a commitment, there is no doubt that she will keep it. It is my pleasure to have Lydia as a valuable resource for real estate knowledge when I am helping families in crisis and transition find peaceful solutions that meet their definition of success.” February 23, 2011

Michael Ojeda

Realtor-Notary, Century 21 Masters (colleague) worked directly with you
“Lydia recently joined our Office and immediately show her leadership and professionalism, a high level of customer service. Her proven experience help other agents in our office to growth in the business.I highly recommend Lydia in the field of Real Estate.” June 29, 2009

Tess Marquez

Realtor, Century 21 Masters (colleague) managed you
“Considering that Lydia has been in the business for a while. The expertise and knowlege that she has is all proven from the work and referral business she has. Very hard working and really cares for her client. She listens to her clients needs and makes sure the issues are address carefully. Very professional at what she does.” December 8, 2010

Debbie Burke

Realtor, Century 21 E-N Realty (colleague) worked directly with you
“Lydia is a top notch agent and person in general. She cares deeply for her clients and works very hard to make sure her clients are well taken care of. She is a pleasure to work with, and a consummate professional.” May 26, 2010

Carrie Craig

Coach, Tom Ferry Your Coach (business partner) was a consultant or contractor to you
“Lydia is always open to new ideas and suggestions. She's looking for ways to make her clients home buying/selling process as easy and as stress free as possible. Lydia is very intuitive allowing her to see and create solutions to any challenges that may come up during a transaction. Lydia Loves helping people buy and sell real estate and it shows in her committment to ensure her clients accomplish goals and dreams beyond their expectations.” July 14, 2009

Alicia Gomez

Office Manager, Century 21 Exclusive Properties (colleague) managed you
“Lydia is an excellent Realtor, very detailed in her work. She makes sure her clients are well represented and will go the extra mile to make sure her clients are happy. She is very focused and consistent in whatever challenge she faces. She is also very kind.  Lydia is a person to trust and is there for the long haul.” November 28, 2011